Book Review of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


The book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill, summarises what the mindset has to be in order to grow in success, from first principles with the right amount of action.

You can have a look at the Table of Contents of this book, to see a gist of what it’s all about.

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The most important part of Think and Grow Rich

  • Auto-suggestion
  • Upgrading yourself
  • Realising that you’re consistently improving yourself

The most important part of the book is the power of ‘Auto-suggestion’. This might be what makes the book world-class. This is in my opinion the main reason why this book has become a household name in the success and self-help industry.

Faith is a state of mind which may be induced by auto-suggestion.

—Napoleon Hill

Basically, ‘auto-suggestion’ is affirming both a belief and short-term goal to yourself regularly (twice a day, morning and evening), and this is for the next 3 months.

The most important part is the shift in your thinking as the days go by. One afternoon, everything might simply ‘click’ for you, and you experience a paradigm shift, where you go one step further in your way of thinking.

The most unbelievable thing about this is that there is no limit to how many levels your conscience ‘upgrades’ itself.

And it’s this ‘upgrading’ that you become a stronger version of yourself, and therefore create greater impact to accomplish the goal that you had in mind.

Of course, this book was published in the 1900s. But it is still 100% true even today. There is no more powerful object that the mind, as the book stresses.

Not even a computer can systemise upgrading a level of conscience a step further at a time.

Book Review of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

How to use the book in life today

With that said, there are 5 ways that the book can be used today.

Read it twice a year

I know for sure that Dan Peña, a leading business coach, only own a couple books that he regularly reads — Think and Grow Rich, and his own book.

Tai Lopez, a leading social media coach, recommends ‘reading a book a day’, but that is his way of saying read a quick excerpt from your books daily.

Heck, even another great bro Peter Voogd mentions more specifically that you should ‘read at least 10 pages of a book, a day’.

But most especially the book Think and Grow Rich will resonate with each time you read it, as you gain more dots suddenly connecting, you rewire your brain even further. But with the rewiring, bringing out the thoughts to the playing field is the single most important aspect.

Incorporate each thought-piece one at a time 20 days each

This will be a slow process, but the amount of effort it takes to change the mind requires practicing and getting the hang of it.

It’s to infuse the learning into your habits. It all starts with the flick of a finger, and getting your rhythm going.

Once you start out, keep going, and soon the thought-piece will be a part of you.

Rinse and repeat

After you feel certain that you’ve got the way of thinking improved, you are then ready to pass on to the next lessons.

This is after you have ‘infused’ the past lesson to yourself. It only takes a few lessons (about 5) to completely change the way you are! You yourself might not notice it, but others will quietly realise ‘whoah he’s improved!’, but they will treat this as some normal occurrence, and most likely will silently release the thought to reason out why you improved.

No big deal if others might complain, just keep your goals to yourself, and you’ll always be improving.

Expand to similar topics that this book expresses

Additionally, you’ll want to diversify your topic of ‘auto-suggestion’ to other books, so that you can see the perspective that these other books view auto-suggestion. If not, you can always view articles on the internet or on video search engines like YouTube for additional information.

Reflect on the small changes you’ve created that improved your life!

Or, think about the topics that you have learned. Ask yourself questions like:

  • How have I changed as a friend/family member/colleague, with the new learning I’ve proudly made a part of me?
  • Now that I’ve become a better person (1 step higher), what’s next for me?
  • Who’d be interested in what I’ve just learned? I need to share this with someone.

What’s the one thing that powerful people have? It’s drive.

—Napoleon Hill


You need very little input to incorporate a life teaching.

Constantly ask yourself ‘what is the most surprising thing that I can takeaway from this book/conference/day‘?

Think and Grow Rich is a cherished book by many in the self-development industry, and is a staple for anyone wishing to easily grab the idea of what it takes to be wildly successful — mind-blowingly at peace with yourself. If you like, you can always go greater once you attain the comfortability of looking at yourself in the mirror, and either staring blankly towards your eyes, or flexing at the mirror.

The most important thing is that you develop ‘self-esteem’, and this is accomplished by feeling ‘accomplished’, by going out for your goals/dreams and fulfilled that you are strolling towards that. (ms)