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We have enough answers to begin using the Default-Mode Network. But what is it and how can we best use it, for Web Development specifically?
There are 3 kinds of music for focus: Full lyric, Minimal lyric, and No lyric music. It's important what tasks are used with these to maximise energy usage.
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This book is great I do recommend reading, as it speaks about beginning as a startup in the right direction and the right mindset. It isn’t easy to start a company considering that 9/10 startups fail within the first 5 years of business. 7 questions every business must answer There’s a lot that can happen […]
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It's energy management — not time management — that saves you more time, making you happier. I have 5 tips on energy management for the office.
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Find out what makes a web developer or a web designer themself, + a quiz near the end of this article, should you wish to find out what fits you better!
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As a Web Developer, I still like Physics and Maths. But there’s more I learn in my quick story.
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Apple or Windows for Web Development? I discuss my insights on how I balance between the two and the futures of both popular environments for the web.
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The Human Mind Project is discussed in relation to being a Web Developer — and a human.
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When and where exactly can you fit your best time to learn except for rehearsing your skills at work as a software developer?
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I write out a personal experience I'd like to share to others about the value of grace under pressure, even in the minutest of circumstances.