On Staying Calm

I just got stuck for around two hours in a bus because of an accident in front of us, but I am learning to keep the situation sane in my mind and keeping my eye on the goal.

The feeling is that I am not being talkative or showing too much of my emotions if there is nothing necessary to talk about.

However, I am listening to what others have to say so that I am kept abreast of the latest happenings and if I may ever contribute into solving the situation.

The bus driver calmly went out to speak with the other bus driver if there is any solution that they can find in going to another route; they have tried turning but it would scratch the bus.

It is okay to wait for the two hours but I believe that I should not contribute to the gossip as gossip is bad and does not have any use.

The feeling that I am getting is to keep moving forward. The situation is that I will be stuck for two or more hours, so I will have to find a way to be productive.

I could consider speaking to other people but I feel as though the topic that will be raised is about ‘complaining of being stuck for hours in the bus’, which is quite negative. Therefore I do not wish to participate in the peoples’ conversations.

What I can do is to check my to-do list and complete any tasks I have to do. One of the things I do have to do is to write something about my personal journal here in Evernote.

Another thing I can do is watch some offline web development/design tutorials but my phone is in low battery at the moment. Should’ve brought a power bank in times like these, as it shouldn’t be an excuse to say that my battery was low, when there’s technology for stored energy.

Another thing I can do is to jog outside but I will come back sweaty without an extra shirt!

What I will have to do next is to read articles in the Pocket app, or I can go take a nap, or I can listen to music too!

The mobile signal is okay but the mobile data is quite weak, so I cannot connect to the internet effectively.

For now, I will have to stay calm, think about the situation, work around it, and succeed!

In summary

This serves as a lesson that there should be no excuse not to accomplish a goal, because there surely is a way for every goal to attain.

No excuses, even for a web developer!

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