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Introduction I’ve recently been following a fitness YouTuber ‘Vitruvian Physique’ (real name Igor Opeshansky) a few months ago and have found that his content is high quality, and unique compared to the traditional fitness programmes that we were conditioned to think of. In fact, he is an all-natural bodybuilder with credentials to prove that he […]
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It's energy management — not time management — that saves you more time, making you happier. I have 5 tips on energy management for the office.
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As a Web Developer, I still like Physics and Maths. But there’s more I learn in my quick story.
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When and where exactly can you fit your best time to learn except for rehearsing your skills at work as a software developer?
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I write out a personal experience I'd like to share to others about the value of grace under pressure, even in the minutest of circumstances.
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Nikola Tesla, Edison, Einstein, and many geniuses and top performers practice similar habits. I illustrate in this article some ways that they have alike.
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Habits can be formed easier through digging down to simple steps to begin a routine. Here's one for getting out of bed immediately.
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You will want to make a list for yourself if you have not started with one yet. It’s simple and easy to create, just use the power of your evolved mind to do its magic.
Let it be known that Developers will be ripped and shredded, after following these more productive hacks for a better mind at work.