What is truly meant by ‘Limitlessness’ (Part 1)

Limitless naturally

Just like the movie entitled ’Limitless’ where Eddie uses the pill ‘NZT-48’ to become intelligent beyond measure, this is a mindset that can definitely be reached through natural means. No drugs involved.

The movie uses a pill, but I’d say that the pill does exist however in an illegal form.

But what about a form that will not have any side effects?

Because in the movie the pill caused really bad side effects I’m sure that the limitlessness is a ‘mindset’.

It’s something that will first have to be grabbed upon, and put into a habit.

It’s not a once-in-a-lifetime grasp, but is a journey that one will have to experience themselves to get the hang of thinking about being limitless.

I’ll be honest and say that I don’t have full credit of experiencing limitlessness that will turn one’s profits into billions. But I can say for sure that as long as you’re on the track to the proper mindset and practice of being ‘limitless’, that over time you will reach your goals and successes.

Firmly grasp the idea

To firmly grasp this feeling of ‘limitlessness’, you will have to be willing to desire to search for self-improvement and apply it as soon as possible in the first place, so that you can get the quick-wins and experience the feeling that:

You are completely capable of anything. With a time plan and an end goal, you can see how long it’ll take you to reach that goal. What’s left is if you’re willing to refine it so that you can get there faster?

You got the requirements, but what’s left will be the execution.

Will you do it?

The plan is all laid out for you.

There are people you can speak to, and videos full of resources that you can sink your teeth into and learn from.

It’s a matter of when.

When are you going to find time to get the work done?
When are you going to go travel that place to visit?
When are you going to relax, so that you can get a good amount of sleep to stay productive? What’s optimal for you?

Catching guard at all times

What’s optimal for you to best move the ball in all your aspects of life:

  • Spiritual
  • Mental
  • Physical

These are the base aspects of life — that can be rolled out into more than just 3 — but out of these 3 you’ll have to figure out what works best for you.

Your search for these knowledge can be daunting since there can be so many questions to ask yourself.

But it’s a path to the right direction.

Aha! We might’ve caught ourselves limiting our beliefs in ourselves. We should believe that we can answer as many questions about ourselves as we can!

So why say we cannot?

This is the blessing of being in the Limitless mindset. Where you catch yourself limiting yourself, and so you quickly take action to keep yourself limitless.

It’s like thinking about being positive rather than negative.

You can sometimes catch yourself negative, but will have to quickly turn the sides to Positivity.

I don’t entirely agree with being totally positive though, as you might be that positive guy who lacks empathy.

Empathy is important.

And we’ll want to encourage empathy over positivity, since there are times you’ll have to empathise with someone especially a loved one who might be feeling down in the blues.

And if you only show up as always over-the-moon and not being in their shoes to assist in their situation, you are dissociating them from you because they do need your help, but you wouldn’t be empathic towards them?

That goes completely against the advocacy of positivity.

Since we need to be empathic first, before we express positivity.

Anyways, after understanding them, you can cheer them back up and gain positivity that way.

So with being limitless there are these catches to understand and always be careful about.

Your limits

What do you consider your limits?

I’d say it’s whatever you think is too much for you.

Or it could be how you perceive as achievements for you, if you keep an Achievement log for yourself? (I keep an Achievement log and it’s been a very motivating log at times when I need to view the Acheivements of Mic Sumner! Highly recommend)

A good answer would be to declare that you have no limits to your ability, meaning that you can do whatever you like.

But as we’ve realised, the implication is the most important chunk, since it’s really encompassing that you truly have ‘limitlessness’.

But again, what exactly is ‘unlimited’ for you?

That’s where it’s only up to you to realise what limits are as situations come up to you.

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