What is truly meant by ‘Limitlessness’ (Part 3)

Energy Management

Following my post from 5 tips for energy management in the office which mainly includes dividing your work times every 25 minutes with a 5 minute rest in between, as well as zooming out of your work focus every 25 minutes as well, you will notice that you will have more energy reserves that battling through a great task in one go.

Knowing that you section out a big task and chunk it into pieces will make it more capable to begin the task, and chow down on the task. Even better if you could delegate different portions of the task if possible to complete it.

Going limitless with Energy Management means that you understand that you can prioritise the most challenging tasks first, and the smaller ones later. But you do know that it’s up to you if you would also like to start with the small ones first, so that you get a good head start to complete the bigger tasks before lunch time!

80% Self improvement, 20% work

There’s a great post by Benjamin Hardy that says:

“20% of your energy should be devoted to your work. 80% of your energy should be devoted to rest and self-improvement.” — Benjamin Hardy

And he also quotes Abraham Lincoln on chopping a tree:

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” — Abraham Lincoln

Alongside Limitlessness this says that once you realise that you are the creator of action, then you’ll need a great reserve of energy at all times to complete a task with massive action.

It would be great to slave for hours on a task or grind it out, but wouldn’t it be even better to strategise on the task and possibly section it out, so that you can better learn how to execute the task in mind? Again, with a greater vision on the completion of the task, that you get to see ahead of the action to be taken.

You’ll need to plan the route ahead, then once you trust that plan, you just simply focus 100% on the execution.

Find what you like doing

I have a story: that it goes without saying that you will definitely have to find what you like doing.

I have noticed that when I was working at a fast food restaurant that I did like what I was doing, but did I really have a long term passion for it? I guess not.

I was indeed happy cleaning the floors, knowing that I worked hard all day and over the midnight shifts that I had, and that I had fun at the fast food restaurant with my colleagues.

And I technically loved what I was doing. But I didn’t like the career that I might’ve developed.

That was Limitless to a point, but was limited by the fact that I was around people who did not believe in Limitlessness. That is, making all the excuses and very limited action on improving their lives. I never blame them, but it’s that they are already happy where they are and that’s what makes me happy.

Yes, there were a few (2 in every 100 employees) who were Limitless beyond my belief! But I knew that there’s more of them than being in a fast food restaurant setting. And that’s what got me out and about…

Have an Achievements log

The Success Principles by Jack Canfield states in one of the 52 princples to have a Victory log aka an Achievements log — where you list down every achievement you are proud about.

It never gets simpler than that.

And as time goes by even in the span of 7 days you will have reached a huge list of actions you are proud about.

This is a self challenge to get you into the habit of tracking your victories in whatever size. Also an essential part to Gratitude which Tim Ferriss also explains about in his blog.


And that through having an Achievements log, working on yourself and mainly focusing on managing your energy for maximum efficiency throughout the day (based on when you need the energy the most during the day/night, you will find that you can become Limitless, as you consistently practice this as a lifestyle.

There’s all to gain from going all the way up. And it’s like a set of footsteps up to the top of a mountain that you can only see the tip much clearer, the more you step up to the top of the mountain!

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