Movie Lessons from Nightcrawler (2014)

So I typed out on Google ‘inspirational movie success’ and out came an article mentioning fantastic films to watch for entrepreneurs. I don’t take the position of entrepreneur yet but the ’limitless’ and ‘you can do anything you set your mind to’ just really rings so much with me that I decided to go and check what the best movie to watch would be.

Movie Lessons from Nightcrawler (2014)

I found a Jake Gyllenhaal film entitled Nightcrawler (2014). The film starts out as having potential since he’s the same lead actor as the one in the Undisputed film series. If you’ve seen an Undisputed film then this movie that seems to be number 1 on the list by Jake Gyllenhaal must be a good movie. Rotten Tomatoes 95%.

What really made this a great movie to watch for entrepreneurs is certainly that you can do anything you are interested in. Even if you have just that one ounce more interest than another thing you like. For the movie he used to be a sly thief but changed jobs until he found one that he was really drawn to after trying it out. He didn’t know he wanted to get into all the live action of crime journalism (arriving on scenes before the police even arrives) until he experienced it. I wouldn’t get into the details about the story since it’s something that you really have to watch without spoils so that you can reap the most out of the moral lessons you can take away from the film.

But out of my initial view of the film, my lessons gathered are:

  • Communication is the key to success in a team
  • Negotiation skills are better than a lack of social skills
  • You have the ability to set your mind to anything
  • No dream is too big or too small
  • You (and only you) have to know what your worth
  • If there’s a will, then there’s a way
  • You can do anything you want to reach the goal — provided you keep it moral, ethical, and legal

These follow a can-do attitude, especially the last lesson. The movie does have parts where it might not be legal since it does make use of lying, but the point is that you certainly can do anything you want as long as you are moral, ethical, and within the confines of the law.

Thanks for reading guys! If you liked this article of movie lessons about success and striving for the goal you will also like to read and sieve through my 3-part series on being ‘Limitless’. It’s surely something that would ring to you!