Dev domains not working for development site

If you're a web developer and are working by developing sites using your own computer through a development environment… You'll have faced this issue with your development site not working or something of the like (SSL errors)!

Dev domains not working for development site

How to get my development site working again?

Let's cut to the chase: change the .dev to .test, since that is one of the protected gTLDs introduced in 1999 (RFC 2606), and all your development environment does is prettifies the name for you rather than working through localhost:81 which doesn't give you the chance to work through subdomains. After all, these are 'custom URLs'.

Is it just Chrome or other browsers as well?

No, it's not Chrome. Since Google has bought it, then all other browsers like Firefox would treat this new gTLD like all other gTLDs e.g. .com.

The best solution would be to change your development gTLD to .test.

Any issues please let me know in the comments below!