Is Learning HTML, CSS, JS Enough to Be A Web Developer?

Weirdly enough, it is… but only to prepare you to enter the job.
Yes, it does help you with the daily tasks of being a Web Developer.

Because you will be using these almost on a daily basis.

But you are a Web Developer not primarily for your knowledge in these skills of HTML, CSS, JavaScript… Instead, you’re entitled as a Web Developer because of your ability to learn new technologies, much more than the average person.

It’s not human to be thinking logically. We’re wired to crave dopamine rather than to delay gratification and ponder.

The (Logical) Thinking Man Was Never Natural… Until Now?

I’ll add a bit of history and we’re now the Homo Sapiens e.g. ‘Thinking Man’. But it looks like most of us humans are still sucked into Social Media without thinking about ourselves.

You get the point. It’s a common issue to gossip about the news. But as Web Developers majority of us understand that it’s logically not productive to be listening to the news.

It’s this difference between Web Developers and the common man which you are employed for.

Web Developers Are Meant to Be A Company’s Secret Weapon

And being a Web Developer is the same reason why you can be great at business. Of course, take this tip that you cannot do business alone.

You can start your company alone, but to scale it up you’ve got to have a team. And as a Web Developer (yet again) you are a team player in Technology.

Think about the skills you have as a Web Developer:

  • Team Player
  • Thinks Logical (tonnes better compared to the common man)
  • Excellent in Technology
  • Can Pick up New Learnings quickly
  • Consistent & Patient whilst developing a Project
  • Keen eye for technical details
  • Productive team member

You can branch out of these, but doesn’t it already show how great it is to be a Web Developer? As an employer it is a massive advantage… a secret weapon… to employ a Web Developer with these traits. It’s more common to find these traits in a Web Developer (but not present in every case though).

Of course, it may not be your job role for the rest of your life… Because these skills are just super employable. You will most likely advance from a role as a Web Developer to something more in-line with your own personal goals. That’s later on.

You’ve got to be chased down by other companies because of this rare combination.

Logically speaking, now it’s how to get yourself out there.

I’m Fairly Good Now… Am I Prepared to Be a Web Developer?

Now that you’ve mentioned it. Yes, you are prepared. It’s the journey in having the skill to learn new skills that counts the most.

You don’t even need to learn HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. But you need them for the job anyway.

Just like you would also have to learn how to use a computer… necessary but why didn’t they list that down?

You see, what they are mentioning is that you’ve got the ability to learn.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript will help you get through Day #1.

But Day #2 you’ve got to learn SEO, for example.

Day #8 you’ve got to learn Photoshop.

Day #15 you’ve got to learn Illustrator.

Day #22 you’ve got to learn Google Maps SEO.

Day #29 you’ve got to learn WordPress.

Day #36 you’ve got to learn Joomla.

Day #43 you’ve got to learn custom theme development.

Day #50 you’ve got to learn how to answer the telephone.

Day #57 you’ve got to learn how to reset a computer.

Day #64 you’ve got to learn how to teach others.

Day #71 you’ve got to learn how to develop WordPress plugins.


There seems to be a trend. You are a walking asset for a company. Don’t think you’d find someone else that is a secret weapon like you are (or will become)?

Hey, why not use this secret weapon to do good and create great impact?

You know… like Elon Musk’s kind of impact. He was a Web Developer too.

I’ll let you look for Elon’s story around the web.

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Have a nice day!