Trick: Picking a Contact Form to Use in WordPress 5+

WordPress comes with lots of contact forms to choose from. Here are some of the popular ones: Contact form 7Ninja formsGravity formsFormidable formsWPForms, to name a few.

But in choosing the right one for your web build, you will have to identify what your budget will be, and what is needed for the web build.

Since not all contact forms will have an easier way of going about things. Sometimes you will have to be extra creative in getting it set up.

Some Features Are Only in 1 Contact Form

For example, there are no good country code phone input fields except for Contact Form 7. So in this case, you will have to stick with Contact Form 7 for those contact forms that will require a country code phone input field.

Trick: Picking a Contact Form to Use in WordPress 5+
Sometimes even a country code phone field is only available on 1 contact form — CF7.

Whilst in others, they will come as a pro extension/add-on. Great ones include Gravity forms, Formidable forms, and Ninja forms. This is where you can get nitty and gritty with the customisation that is available with these certain pro plugins.

Of course, not all of the pro plugins will need to be paid for before you can begin using them. Formidable forms and Ninja forms to name a couple work out of the box free from the WordPress Plugin repository and have great features already. This is where it comes to play in that you will still have to make sure if further down the line the features may be available might the web build have to look for additional extensions.

In this case, it is recommended to go down the route of Contact Form 7 , unless you will want to speed up your web build with the use of extensive documentation and community support that comes with Ninja forms, Gravity forms, and Formidable forms, etc. This is where they shine.

It is not exactly what features are found available for a contact form plugin, but instead it is the community support and customisation that can be made further down the line might the web build have to look into making a more customised contact form.

This is where the challenge lies in picking out a proper contact form for the web build. It is recommended though to start with something basic, but if you would like to purchase the pro version for the support ticket system community support, that is what you are definitely paying for!


Picking the right contact form plugin is not going to be a mismatch. Instead, it is the choice of finding what will best suit the web build further down the line, and the need for in-depth customisation or help from the plugin experts themselves.

That is what you are definitely paying for and is what you must make good use of! Anyway, take into consideration that you can also use this opportunity to shave some time off of your web build, as you would not have to do most of the guesswork, but instead the professionals in the community support will have their knowledge put to the test!

Please let me know in the comments below how you think?