Should I use a Drag n Drop Editor for WordPress Theme Development?

The answer is that I will use the drag-n-drop editor.

But what is required of the task is to build it nicely?

It’s to make sure the customer completes a task correctly:

Should I use a Drag n Drop Editor for WordPress Theme Development?

Is it to buy a product… or is it to sign up… or is it to contact you?

  1. Maybe you need to build it pixel perfect?
  2. Maybe you need to make sure it loads quickly without unnecessary bloat?
  3. Maybe you need it to animate in a way that a drag-n-drop editor cannot do?

It depends on the requirements of the website. What is it built for?

Sometimes the task requires that the website doesn’t have to be built with the 3 questions above. Okay…

So in that case you would use a drag-n-drop editor.

Even if it’s just a single webpage (like a landing page to generate leads)… then I would see if the drag-n-drop editor has templates. Because these templates are proven to convert leads to customers. Something like where they give you all the drag-n-drop features you will need to build a landing page.

But if you are building a webpage, and you want it to work nicely with the rest of the website… I would highly recommend the customisable route… which is to spend 1–2 hours building it on your own… from scratch… using Bootstrap / Foundation.

Why use a customised theme?

Because you will become a better web developer.

Because you will learn how to be faster at fully customised webpages.

Because you will rehearse building customised webpages.

And ultimately, it will mean you get paid more for what you do.

1–2 hours of freedom customising, sounds a lot more fun than…
spending 20 minutes with a drag-n-drop editor… in a limited box!

And in the future, who is going to get more influence? The guy who is confident to spend 1–2 hours (or less) or the drag-n-drop editor guy?

Thought I would plug this in… since people reading this might need to get their web development company automated.

It’s our job as web developers to automate our agency. You’d be crazy not to.

You will increase your influence if you help automate your agency.

And that’s why I have a free email course to help you guys on that.

It’s WordPress agency automation… but really it’s how to scale up your checklists.