What Is the Demand of WordPress Now and in the Future?

We’re looking at the forefront of web development and web design now. If you think that web development or web design might be ending soon… it’s just the beginning of a fantastic future for the internet.

The Past. Remember the time when there were MySpace, GeoCities, and websites built with tables around 15 years ago? How about 10 years ago? How about this year in 2018?

The Present. You will notice that the pace of web development is quickly taking pace. We’re talking JavaScript and Web Apps now!

You will notice that more shops, businesses, and stores are building online websites.

Also, very recently, Google is on a partnership with WordPress.

Why Are Shops Going Online?

The reason being that it’s much cheaper to run a shop online.

Toys’R’Us is closing down. The largest toys superstore in the world is closing down. Why? Because of online shopping/eCommerce.

We need web developers and designers to solve User Experience (UX) problems, to make customer shopping online more enticing and friendlier.

That’s the reason for the demand of web design and WordPress.

The Future.

Why WordPress Anyway?

What Is the Demand of Wordpress Now and in the Future?

I can help you answer this, as I come from a digital marketing agency. I’m a web developer myself, and primarily build using WordPress.

Why WordPress? Because it’s well-documented (many people updating the how-to guides). It’s got the best plugins in the world (almost all of which are Free!) and is good for search-engine optimisation.

Just a quick refresher about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

It’s not only about search engine rankings.

It’s also Maps… Think about Shops that want to be found online.

Think about the Restaurants that want to be found online.

Think about the last time you searched for a nice place to eat… By using Google Maps!

With the knowledge of finding success through online businesses, you will definitely carry the experience of building and managing a successful business of your own, or to help with a friend of yours, to both accomplish a successful business.

You don’t have to be a web developer just for the sake of it. Think of it as a learning tool so that you can base your experience in running your own business in the future!

It’s Not Only about the Future of the Web

What Is the Demand of Wordpress Now and in the Future?

You are building up your business experience as you understand how to build amazing websites using WordPress (you can check out nice templates too for inspiration). WordPress is easy to build upon, has a big community, is evolving quickly, and is used by millions worldwide.

WordPress pretty much owns the web.

Or you can build custom themes to completely replicate amazing websites. Think of Behance -style websites. That’s the power you can hold as a web designer or developer.

Nevertheless, you are working to a better experience for users.

And help in solving their business problems — online-wise!

What’s the Demand of Web Designers and WordPress?

The answer: a great demand. Here’s why:

You have read now that there’s an increasingly exciting future to build websites. More and more people are going onto the web. We have efforts around the world to bring more people online. And it’s coming first through mobile.

Mobile Users Are Sky-rocketing

You have already heard that there are more global mobile users than desktop users. Why? Because mobile phones are cheaper and more handy. The below-average salary individual owns a mobile phone. Multiply that by 5 billion users. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (1000 x 1000 x 1000) billion users. And it’s only growing upwards.

Summary of the Demand of Web Design and WordPress Now and in the Future

  • The web is growing faster than ever!
  • 2019 there will be more than 5 Billion confirmed mobile users. More people are coming online through cheap smartphones
  • More people will buy online that in physical stores
  • More people will trust good-looking functional websites
  • Google is hiring WordPress Experts
  • Web Design is a creative field. But solves User Experience problems. Making websites easier and personalised to the audience
  • Web technologies are evolving to the point that we didn’t expect them coming 20 years ago! (web apps + JavaScript running most of the web)

Thank you for reading! If you’re a digital agency, I have a gift for a FREE 6-part email course on Agency Automation for WordPress Theme Development. Please do check it out!

Have an amazing day!