logomichael sumner

About Me

If I’m not looking into interesting issues within WordPress, you’ll usually find me dabbling on the latest technologies and trying to break them, or going out to speak to others at a meetup.

Outside of Tech

I’m an extreme sports enthusiast (without going over the edge) and will spend countless hours honing on skills. So far I’ve honed into bodybuilding, bouldering, long-distance swimming, martial arts, and VO2 max long-distance sprinting.

What Others Think of Me

Despite the extreme sports and intensity of the ball-of-fire enthusiasm that I am 24/7 — I’ve been described as a very kind and heart-warming person. This accounts for strangers, too. You’ll usually find me wearing minimalist clothing (usually all black) or dapper clothing.

Michael Sumner Uses

As with every developer out there, it is always a great idea to share each others’ plethora of setups, tools, and gadgets. Michael Sumner is currently using the following:

Visual Studio Code – IDE of choice – seamless use to github.dev and GitHub Codespaces.

Docker – for all your containerization needs

Amphetamine (Mac App) – keeps your machine awake

Amphetamine Enhancer (Mac App) – add-on to keep your machine awake even better.

Bitwarden Premium – password manager, amazing for shareable expiring verification codes.

CleanMyMac X – keeps things nice and tidy, spick and span.

Cron – super calendar tool (email me so I can send you the invite link)

ImageOptim – fastest way to compress images offline

Kap – amazing tool to capture screenshares and export as a gif loop

Obsidian – note-taking app aka “2nd Brain” aka “brain dump” for remembering many things that don’t relate to the current issue at hand

Raycast – omnisearch tool for Mac

Transmit – File transfer software for Mac

If you find that I am missing something that I should have mentioned do let me know by contacting me.