logomichael sumner


Here are some tools that I’ve built that might come in handy:

FAQ Schema Generator – there was a point when Google preferred microdata schema for instant indexing. For our clients to make use of the FAQ-rich snippets, and before Yoast or other SEO plugins have provided you with a facility to do so, this was one of the only microdata schema generators out there!

File Renamer for Professionals – “Screenshot 20021122 (1).png” isn’t friendly. How about example-com-screenshot-123456.png so that you at least know what it is about without having to preview the image itself.

IP Address Regex – there was a Google Analytics technique in which you specify multiple IP addresses via RegEx, so it was a pain to have to go through escaping the dot “.” (even though it’s not required, it is best practice). So I’ve built this tool to make it seamless for the Marketing department in the workplace to use.

Bulk URLs to Domains – when you have a massive list of URLs per line, and wish to strip out everything else except for the domain, then this is the best tool to do just that. Common for bulk purchasing domains.