Unshakeable: Tony Robbins Book Review

Completed reading a book by Tony Robbins called ‘Unshakeable’!
Highly recommend having a copy of the book!

The book speaks about two things:

  • Financial wealth through financial investment via Index funds
  • Financial wealth alongside realising Human biases
  • Emotional wealth
  • Key tips on keeping as much money as you earn, instead of it going taxed

Financial wealth

I don’t really like to focus much on this side of being ‘unshakeable’ as a human being, but Financial wealth is important.

The reason so is that you cannot magnify yourself without money. That’s what money is for.
Money can magnify your evils if you tend to do so.
But the other side which isn’t seen on the news is magnifying your influence for a good cause. That’s why I don’t watch the news. I’d rather hand-pick what I like to hear from the media.

A good way to hand-pick stuff automatically is to use Refind.com. Gaining much traction in ProductHunt, and one I’ve been using for more than 4 months now and seems to be a part of me now! Looks like this will be a mainstay in my utility belt, and hope it would be for you too!

Going back to Finances, it’s amazing once it’s sorted. So that you can focus more on magnifying your influence.

Finance in a nutshell

  • Step 1: Get out of all debt (if you got any).
  • Step 2: Organise finances + make them Automatic.
  • Step 3: Next Work on your craft/purpose!

Emotional wealth

But the most interesting point is what Tiny Robbins now completely advocates very recently — fulfillment — as a means to true happiness (not just motivation). Which it is, as you can only be truly happy when you know that progress is being made, and that you have achieved a certain goal whether it would be making someone happy, helping others have a better life, or providing a good service for other people even through your business.

And this is where true happiness lies in Business: that you create an amazing product/service that people would really like to have and might even need considerably. Think of Henry Ford and the car. He was great for putting out a car despite the government going against it as horses were primarily on the road. He went through many court trials (and documents/audits) to get it out into the public and into the masses. No one ever thought that it would be that useful to advance human civilization from horse carriages to “piston-powered” horse carriages!

Happiness lies too in how grateful one is. It’s great to know that even amidst the troubles and stresses, there is always a time to be grateful, even more so that by taking a quick down time to be grateful, you will reduce whatever troubles or stress you previously had. That can even be 10 seconds of your time.

But stepping outside your shoes for a brief moment is more than enough to grab fresh air and come back with a fresh new perspective on an issue.

Takeaway points

And it all boils down to fulfillment — what do you want to do in life anyway?

Really tough question to swallow, but it’s what we’ve all been wondering all this time.

You don’t have to figure it out totally, but find something exciting no matter what it is. And just keep going at it. Check back again 1 year from now and see how it’s going. Do you need to shake things up a bit?

Then go immerse yourself thrice (3x) a year. Schedule seminars/trips/meetups which spark your mind considerably. So much that you’ll call it a highlight of your year!

Check out my 3-part-mini-series about Limitlessness. And that’s a real thing — not just from the ‘Limitless’ movie! See you guys soon and have a great time!