Why Developers Should Skip Breakfast

This is a personal statement for myself.

At first I found it difficult to begin the day on an empty stomach, knowing that I will only eat once lunch time comes — or break my fast.

But the body adapts to change, and it has done so with my intermittent fasting of the morning.

It started out with Elon Musk mentioning that he skips breakfast, but would occasionally have some scrambled egg in the morning.

So I’ve tried this and have found it extremely rewarding knowing that I can better focus my senses on the tasks at hand for today rather than sniffing for something in the fridge before the break of dawn.

I’ve got a list of all the benefits on why you should do this to:

  • I allow myself bigger meals for lunch and dinner
  • I am less restricted to my calorie intake
  • I do not crave as much, as I actively recognise my craving moments and therefore avoid them
  • I am made more aware of my nutrient intake, i.e. carbs, fats, protein, and micronutrients like fibre, and vitamins and minerals
  • I enjoy my meals much better i.e. Lunch is the first taste of food, Dinner is a great amount of food!
  • I am a tonne more focused on my tasks, since I don’t sniff for a bagel early in the morning (morning is the best time to focus)