A proper way to get out of bed in the morning

Create a habit to take the first step just as Richard Branson had to start an airline business, but he didn’t know where to start except simply making a phone call with Boeing asking for any spare planes. He says just to:

Take that first step as simple as making a phone call.

— Richard Branson

This first step can even be simpler. Like if you don’t want to go to the gym although it is part of your schedule, you just go and workout for 5 minutes, then see how you feel if you want to go back home, or complete your workout. Whilst you’re there you might as well squeeze every ounce of muscle to get the best of the feel-good hormone dopamine after a great workout.

Here are the steps to follow:

Steps to follow

  • Realise that nothing good ever happens from lying in bed when you should be getting up now
  • Wiggle your toes
  • Inhale deeply/yawn
  • Stretch as far as you can from head to toe
  • Get up, by going on your side, and pushing up with your arms holding your upper body weight (for good posture)
  • You must now be seated on your bed
  • Get up using your arm holding your upper body weight (keeps your spinal discs in good shape); and
  • You can take it from here Leroy!

Why follow these steps

  • These steps are proven (also from a procrastinator like me)
  • It will improve your posture
  • You will wake up easier once the habit is developed

Why try this out

  • It’s got the benefits of discipline and no procrastination
  • You will start your day out right
  • You will accomplish more in the day
  • It will improve your lifestyle

When do I need to try this out

  • If you want to start waking up early
  • When you can’t get out of a nap/sleep in one try
  • If not getting up is causing you inefficiency in your day/lifestyle.
  • And if this inefficiency is especially called ‘procrastination’
  • When you want to make maximum use of time so that you can maximise your relax time later on

Again, it’s great to create new better habits for yourself. It keeps you in control of your life, so that you are always happy for the progress that you make for your life.

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