10 Ways to Focus on the Bus as a Web Developer

The bus gets busy and quite awkward having to look at other people. As a fellow web developer, I’ve gathered a list of what we Web Developers can do whilst on the bus, to ensure that we keep our tinkering minds up and strong, without subjecting to social norms when we are the creators and the maintainers of great apps and products. Please read the list and enjoy!

Turn up loud music on earphones

Make sure they’re good quality earphones, and set the volume not at max, but somewhere comfortable for you! Good quality earphones will not sound like tin cans, in that others can hear the music you are playing on your earphones. This is worth the investment, and I personally just use the regular white Samsung earphones you can get on Amazon for like $2, as an Add-on item. They have lasted me more than 1 year each pair and the audio quality, bass, is great! I would highly recommend these to anyone. They are the ones with the removable rubber, so that you can wash them. And since they’re rubber (translucent rubber), you can easily see if there’s mess i.e. earwax. Just don’t place them in too deep in the ear canal.

Listen to the British National Anthem

Since I have moved back to my country, which I have been yearning to return after a long time since my childhood, I now practice nationalism for my country so that I have a purpose to strive for. It may not be one that everyone in the world agrees upon, but the golden nugget is that I play my country’s National Anthem using my earphones whilst on the bus so that I can instill within myself the value of nationalism, that I have love of a country, so that I can feel fulfilled having a purpose that there is a group of lots of people who may feel the same thing, or are at least thankful for the country’s resources.

Ignore those who speak of news and weather

When you are getting ready for the day, you must throw away all forms of negativity like it’s irrelevant to your life — which it is — especially at the beginning of the day. It is okay to be a listener if the person is worrying about things, but that may be an issue with them — something much deeper — that they wish an open ear is for them. Think of it as if you are trying to find the magic words to make them happy for the day, instead of them worrying about how rainy it is or how cold it is. Because you can always attach good feelings for the cold like the cold weather is fresh air and full of oxygen and mist (which it is). When it comes to news, that is something purely political. The intention of others would be to complain, but they don’t really do anything about it. The best way to avoid the news (which you should) is to immediately change the topic. So if they start speaking about Trump, you should go on for a few minutes of discussion, and then finally, change the topic please. How was your holiday in Spain?

List down exercises for the gym

If you are a regular at the gym, you might want to double-check if your routine workout might need changing. You can check out if everything will be good to go for your gym workout so that you best use your time whilst in there.

Read the Pocket App

If you downloaded the Pocket App, you can use the app to store any articles you wish to ‘read later’. Now is the best time whilst on the bus to do so. Mmm, interesting.

Search for new nice focus/study music

If you’ve got enough mobile data / wifi on your phone you may wish to discover new music. Music that soothes you and increases your productivity wherever you are. Music that makes you focus on getting priorities right and keeps you in the game.

Read a book with earphones on

Just like ignoring the news and weather, you will want to keep your earphones on so that they serve as a noise-cancellation tool in keeping your mornings uninterrupted by the minds of other people. You are yourself, and you can set your day right, because you brought the tools with you to do so! Read a book to nourish the mind, and if possible put your reading into action.

Nap/Meditate on proper deep breathing

A good way to relax yourself whilst on the bus, now that you have noise-cancellation tool would be to wander in your mind. Close your eyes, and practice breathing. See if you can perfect the breathing, where you don’t think you are doing so. A challenge! Win or lose you are calm and relaxed, and that’s the way to go.

Acknowledge beauty of women on the bus

This is not a bad thing, in fact it will help you have a great day, as you fulfil a common desire. This is part of human nature, and it should not be meant in a bad way. Instead, look into the woman’s eyes and try to remember their facial features. If they see you, then smile. ?

Speak to a friend on the bus

You might know someone on the bus, so as you enter the bus, look around to see if there are people who you might want to say ‘hello’ to. If not, you can start a conversation with someone next to you, if they seem like it. This is a great way of fostering the human trait of social-connectedness, and it’s going to give you a great day ahead.


I’m sure you will have your ways of commuting/traveling towards your workplace, as it applies to most developers. Feel free to have your ways, it might do better than these even as I believe the noise-cancellation on the bus is important!