Insights of Superabundance

Having taken a beautiful trip from Plymouth and for the first time taking a train that would cross beside the sea where you could easily see France from the UK, I realised the greater impact of the implication of Superabundance!

I could easily be a farmer on one of these hills here at the Southwest of England, but I am a Web Developer as my chosen profession.

I do like farming, but I felt that I have grown up with technology and the fast-paced life so have opted for this choice instead. But who knows if I could be a farmer 5 years from now? It’s about finding fulfillment for who you are (not about what you do).

I believe that it is my duty to make money and use it for the benefit of my neighbors. This is what my conscious tells me.
— John D Rockefeller

It’s the great abundance that we are in this age of massive development going on in the world.

And it’s high time that we grab this opportunity whilst it’s still here.

Our children and grandchildren 20 or more years into the future will come back to us and ask us the question: ‘So what did you do when you were in [the time you’re reading this]?’

Taking it to another perspective, it’s like what we would ask our grandparents or parents what they did when they were back in the times of World Wars 1 and 2.

  • What did they do?
  • What stories did they have to tell?
  • Did they take advantage of the times?
  • How did you survive?

It’s like asking your grandparents what happened during the Zombie apocalypse?
Do they know the ‘true’ story rather than us reading the history books?

Now the present

Now that we’re in the present moment, we need to realise that we are in the most abundant time of human history.

Just like this video from Kurzgesagt that clearly mentions how menial the period of Human History really is:

We are able to travel the world to any place that we want.
You and I can leave the job we’re in right now, and follow our dreams.

If that’s what’s really needed?

Then we can do that with a few simple decisions.

No need to travel months through a ship to reach another country past the Atlantic or the Pacific oceans.

You can just simply take a plane and fly off to Singapore where your next best career will take place! It’s that easy.

You can eat any food you’d like. You can prepare it in any way you want, now that we’ve got supermarkets and convenience stores all around us. It’s a great time to be alive in Human History!

You can literally do anything you want with your life.

And this is where the implication of superabundance takes meaning.

What’s more, all the information that we’d ever like to consume is found in libraries and most especially the internet.

Now that search engines like Google have taken over:

Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.
— Google

We have information that’s readily available for us and in a really quick and efficient way.

We’ve also got mobile phones and it’s quite rare to find someone who doesn’t use some form of communication unless intentionally abstaining from the use of some form of device communication.

Goes back to the question

So this goes back to the question:

What is it that you really like to do?

Now that we have went through what it means to be living in the best age for humanity — in that we can do anything we’d ever want to do — what is it that we really like to do within our given timeframe?

You know, like what’s the core of our belief that we’d like to accomplish, that will make us feel like we’ve achieved greatness for ourselves for other people?

Now we’re going somewhere

And this leads us to the quest of knowledge and education even though we might not be in a formal school. Technology has evolved us to allow us to learn when we want, and how we want.

  • Through paper, video, audio?
  • Which medium would you like to learn?
  • When would you like to learn?
  • Would you like to look up topics after the lesson or before it?
  • Want a refund on the course if it’s not up for you?

We can meet similar people with similar interests very easily using websites like It’s way better than meeting people back in the 1950s through libraries or just out of the blue by chance. What a time to be alive and choose the way we like to do things!

And now the only thing to do is:
if you will put in the work and advice that people/info give you?

Not everyone would know about the impact of SUPERABUNDANCE.
Please share this post and let them discover about this.

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