Make a List of 100 things to do in my Life


You will want to make a list for yourself if you have not started with one yet. It’s simple and easy to create, just use the power of your evolved mind to do its magic. All good comes into doing this. Making a list of 100 things you’d like to accomplish in your life will give you a sense of ‘I did it! Holla back!’

Why should I make a list of 100 things to do for my life?

If you haven’t started making a bucket list of some sort for yourself, you might be missing out on great opportunities that life has in store.

Side Note: The ‘Bucket List’ is a ‘100 things I like to do within my life’, as taken from the movie ‘The Bucketlist’, a great movie you must watch!

Think of it this way, ‘what gets measured gets accomplished’, right?

Tony Robbins, a motivational speaker and success coach, gives a great insight into what Happiness is. He mentions happiness as progress; that where there is progress in whatever form, there is bound to be happiness of the slightest giggle.

So, the secret to real happiness, is progress.
— Tony Robbins, Progress equals Happiness

It’s like crossing out your to-do list, knowing that you are at peace of mind after purchasing your milk, bread, and butter off the grocery list; knowing too that you have accomplished something that you have written down in your 100 list of what you liked at the time you wrote it down.

Creating such a list like a Bucket List will therefore give you a sense of organisation, and that relieves you of the tension of remembering what you like, because the next minute you might be thinking of something else. So having a list that is simply there is a peace of mind.

Our mind our great at generating ideas, but quite bad at remembering them. Ever felt that feeling when you walk into a room and just don’t remember what you had to do in the room? That’s the mind at work both for better and sometimes just plain mysterious but odd.

How do I make a ‘List of 100 things to do in my Life’?

100 things to list down can take you within 20 minutes. We will do what is called ‘Brainstorming’. Sounds cool, right? In fact, it is one of the best methods of creativity. Just the plain ol’ ‘Write Everything that Comes Into Mind!!’ approach.

You can grab yourself 3 pages of a notebook, or 3 sheets of paper, and take a pen too.
Now, your goal is to split each page with:

  • 100 Things – that I can do Immediately
  • 100 Things – that I need Skills for
  • 100 Things – that I need Time for

Don’t worry, it’s not 300 things, but only a total of 100, split within 3. Get it? Example: You can fill them up with 33 or 34 each, or one is 60, the other two are 20 20, or even 10 for one of them, and the rest are 45 45.

It’s all up to you.

Brainstorming is a great process to get in the habit of, so that you can easily tap into what your mind is ‘whispering’. Something you can also learn through ‘Mindfulness’.

Just keep writing down, and don’t stop!

100 Things – that I can do Immediately

This is a sub bucket list of all the stuff you wish you could do but just didn’t think too much about. Stuff you would enjoy doing at this very moment, at your age, regardless of your conditions.
Just stuff you can do like:

  • ‘Dance in the rain’,
  • ‘Parkour across the park with friends’,
  • ‘Visit that new trampoline park in town’, etc.

100 Things – that I need Skills for

These will take some time to accomplish, since they are skills that need developing. This could be for example:

  • ‘Learning the Japanese language to visit friends living there’,
  • ‘Learn how to play the Drums’,
  • ‘Perform a piano piece at a recital’,
  • ‘Build a website for charity’,
  • ‘Become a senior web developer’, etc.

100 Things – that I need Time for

This list includes all the rest of stuff you wish you could do, but are not financially capable at the moment. Maybe you want to:

  • ‘Visit Italy’,
  • ‘Go skiing in the alps’,
  • ‘Attain aesthetic fitness’,
  • ‘Get married’,
  • ‘Go to space’ (physically, not mentally lol),
  • ‘Go on a hot air balloon ride’, etc.

Note: I understand that you might encounter a list item that conflicts between two sub lists, but just place what feels the best for yourself. Usually the conflict is between Time and Skill, but then Time requires money too, whilst skill could be hours of practice only. Time requires little to no skill at all, or sometimes it does.

It’s all up to you!

Remember, just keep writing them down and don’t stop.

What are the advantages of doing this?

Before you begin this task, you might want to know how important this list of 100 things will be to you! It’s called ‘fulfillment’.

Fulfillment of your goals, and what your brain has dug deep within you near the last 50. Trust me, they are the most dear to your heart because once you start running out of ideas, these are the ideas that begin to show up.

Those second half of ideas you’d like to do within your life are what will stay true to you. The first half are usually what other people might want, whilst the second half are all ideas genuine to you.

Any disadvantages that come to my mind about this?

The only thing is that it might take 40 minutes or a little longer to accomplish this whole list. But it doesn’t matter because it’s something that will show what are dear to you. And you will discover who you truly are after you dig within all your memories and past experiences to find what you ‘deeply’ would like to accomplish in your life.

Stuff may change, and you might start saying ‘Oh, I want to learn Spanish now.’ That’s fine, but only if you feel in your heart that that is what you’d like to change it to. It’s up to your taking.

I don’t see any other disadvantages of coming up of the next actions to take in life. That feeling of ‘clarity’ is in itself already fulfilling. What more if you actually cross out actions themselves, in an evening with a smile of yours that you have journeyed/challenged yourself to progress against the obstacles to take a slice of life!

Life really is wonderful, right Jason Mraz? *one of his favourite songs*

What if I don’t feel like writing 100 things in one go?

Don’t worry, just schedule in a task for yourself for when you will accomplish this task. It’s something to put into mind, that once you accomplish this, you have a quick blueprint of your future journeys.

I understand that the best things in life come unnoticed. But as you write down all the crazy that you would like to do e.g. ‘Dance in the rain’, then you will truly feel a sense that life is funny, amazing, wonderful, and a good time to live in.

In fact, what if you find time to act crazy? Everyone else is thinking of crazy, but through society there are norms to follow. Don’t ‘dance in the rain’ everyday though, that’s just plain crazy!

Wait a minute. This also means to ‘Add spice to your life, or to someone else’s’. You can make someone’s day funny or special, too.

Final Thoughts

A typical ‘bucket list’, split into 3 categories is an extraordinary piece of paper, as you list all your life’s wants/needs/desires down. List down all the stuff you’d like to do for your life, using the power of the mind called ‘Brainstorming’, which is simply listing anything that flows into your mind of the Title ‘100 Things I’d like to accomplish in life.’ Best part is that you’ve now got a list you have listed down. Keep it and scan it, or even add it to your Evernote/note taking app. Cross off what you’ve done, and read the list every now and then, now that you know it’s there.

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