Which is better, FirstnameLastname.com or Firstname.me (for a personal website)?

I’ve got to admit… My real name is Michael Sumner.

But you have to think about the Search Engine Optimisation.

Are you easily searchable under your first + last name?

Is your name short enough to type quickly?

If you are luckily the only guy who owns that name, then by all means choose your real first name and your real last name.

But if you are the majority of other people who have the same first name and last name as many others, then you will have to think about Search Engine Optimisation.

Which is better, FirstnameLastname.com or Firstname.me (for a personal website)?
Choosing your brand new domain name especially for personal websites is a choice that’ll stay for years to come!

What is a nickname you can use for your first name, that will get people to recognise you easily online?

For example, I chose Mic Sumner over Michael Sumner, because there are dozens of other Michael Sumners around the world. Even in the same industry I work at.

Hence why my domain name + internet name is sumner.co.uk.

So you will have to be creative.

But it is important to keep your last name the same.

Only change your first name.

Thank you for reading!

Hope this helps you out guys!

Picking your personal website name is a very important step!

So you will want to have a piece of paper + a pen and write down all possibilities.

A great idea is to use Namemesh.com. So you just enter your {first_name}{space}{last_name} (essentially type your first and last names as keywords).

Because it will figure out all possible domains for you, including your shortlinks.

Namemesh is very useful especially if you are e.g. purchasing all possible domain names for your business name.