What is the very best alternative to Javascript?

Bottomline: There is no alternative to JavaScript.

But… maybe you mean alternative to vanilla/plain JavaScript?
It’s like saying the alternative to water…

What is the very best alternative to Javascript?

The alternative of water would be… say lemon water.

But it’s still water.

Same thing with JavaScript.

You might mean a different way of writing JavaScript.

Like jQuery, or CoffeeScript, or React.js, or Vue.js?

The Reason JavaScript Has No Alternative

The reason why JavaScript doesn’t have an alternative is because it is it’s own kind.

There are variations, but only minor ones.

And they would still compile themselves to plain JavaScript.

So you couldn’t say the very best alternative to JavaScript since there is no definite alternative.

The Very Best Alternative to Writing JavaScript

But if you’re talking about the very best alternative to writing JavaScript, it will simply be a matter of preference.

What do you think is the best for that given project.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ in the JavaScript world.

Of course, it would be plain JavaScript, but it would defeat the purpose of having these useful libraries which will make your life writing JavaScript much easier.

It will make your life much easier for the fact that you also don’t have to think about the browser incompatibility with that code you are writing!

JavaScript comes in versions… and for example the latest version of JavaScript has new stuff to it which would not work at all in Internet Explorer 6.


So again, it’s up to you. Maybe you like to use jQuery because it’s so quick to use, and the fact that it’s already loaded by WordPress by default?

Maybe you are working more with the DOM and it would be more useful to use React.js or Vue.js?

Thank you for reading!

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