Why Choose a Brochure Style Website for Your Company?

Easy to update descriptions and contact details

No website will ever be complete, let’s be honest.

What this means is that your website will always be open to change for new features, updated content, and media.

Take it in a good way, like a rocking wave rather than a stagnant lake.

With the ebb and flow of the tides come a fresh breeze of the sea, and so too does your company website!

You might have another office somewhere and wish to add that.

Or you may wish to update your homepage so that it gives a better first impression of your company than it was two years ago.

A lot can happen in a year, especially in business, and you want to make sure that a website is readily available to change.

Easy to grow the website over time

When looking to have a professionally maintained and designed website.

One should inform their developer or designer that the website should be scalable.

This is to make sure that as business grows, so does your website.

It’s like giving yourself a new set of clothes, a fresh layer of paint, or organising your workplace every now and then to make sure that it will stay alright for the next years to come, and accommodate more room later on.

Maintenance is key to a good home, and just like a website is to a good home, it must be looked after regularly to keep up with security, and to be updated frequently to keep things fresh.

Providing your website with a good strategy to become scalable means that you could focus on your long-term goals in a straight path rather than swirling around the map.

Of course, you could start simple with a few pages on your website, but as time goes by you will need to create space for more content and features.

Making sure that you plan ahead will set the future as not only bright, but also clear.


This is where one of the 5 senses of observation, namely the sense of sight, comes in.

You can think of media as pictures, case studies with before and after images, faces of your employees or customers, logos of your company and of your accreditations and companies you work with.

This is how visitors can feel attached to your brand with the use of emotions through the sense of sight, and is a good way to employ web design theories like the Golden Ratio and Gestalt Laws, among others.

Media is where the imagination gets finalised with a set of pictures displaying what your company is, who works for you, what you’ve achieved, and further emotion like the psychological impact that social media shares, comments, and statements from other people do to how you view the company.

Testimonials and Customer Reviews

When looking for the credibility of a company, first check if they had the time to develop a website for themselves.

I skip most of the content and I jump to what their customers have to say.

This is what is called their first impressions.

If there’s a good number of reviews, they better be good.

If they are good, then as an onlooker put these good reviews in your mind so that next time when you hear the company’s name, be it on advertisements on the internet, on television, or paper, you will think of what people said about that company.

Having social media helps too because there would be more interaction between the company and the customer, and this interaction and visibility on the web is what leads me to the next point.

Search engine visibility

Just like a website should be maintained regularly and updated frequently to kept fresh, most search engines will rank you based on how fresh you keep your content.

This is called ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ or ‘SEO’, and it is quite an important thing. This means that when you search for the word ‘cat’, you get the ‘most popular and most relevant’ results for the word ‘cat’.

Now think of a few keywords for your company, and imagine it on the first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

There’s a high chance that you will get a burst of quality visitors who could be your soon-to-be customers!

More talk on SEO later, your fresh content doesn’t have to be every page of your site to be jumbled every so often, but to add new information like what’s happening around your company, how is it moving forward, its knowledge and latest products, among others.

Your customers will find this valuable showing your openness thus improving credibility.

What next

Going for a brochure style website for your company is a healthy business decision to make.

The internet is further evolving to a state where almost everyone is connected to the internet, and most likely will rely on information that is easy to get, and what can be easier than typing a question for an answer on the internet like searching for the credibility of a company they are curious of?

Obtaining this opportunity is no easier than setting up a website to build and grow your online presence.