Why Is It a Bad Time to be a Programmer?

The present future is going into AI, VR, automation, and +technology.

Let me tell you the reasons why it’s bad to be a programmer right now.


The Space Industry

The space industry has been toppled upside down because of automated rockets whose rockets become more accurate after every mission. And they now run on smart software. The previous rockets in the space industry still run on software less powerful than a mobile smartphone. But not anymore after the innovation that is taking place in the space industry.


The Marketing Industry

The marketing industry is able to calculate global trends so accurately into the short-term future for companies to best position themselves before things happen. And it doesn't take a room full of people to calculate these trends anymore.


The Financial Industry

Ever since Paypal (formerly X.com), the financial industry has went online and people no longer have to send ‘mail orders’.

Every since Bitcoin, through the system of blockchain technology, the financial industry has yet been toppled through its core.

Speaking of blockchain technology, your government is likely planning to incorporate blockchain technology. We don’t need more programmers…


The Automotive Industry

The automotive industry: Electric vehicles are going to become the common vehicle — especially as countries ban gas vehicles within 30 years.

Electric vehicles run entirely on software, and we don’t need more programmers to debug/innovate them.


The Web Industry

The web industry has more than 3.58 Billion Internet users(https://www.statista.com/topics/1145/internet-usage-worldwide/). We don’t need more programmers to build amazing websites, and the code that runs websites…

We don't need any help with nearly 50% of the world population being connected to the internet. Just leave it to tech support to handle the job.

We don't need innovation on the web. The web technologies are great as they are. No need to create something new. Just work out of what we resources we've got…



We are no longer living in a digital world. We don’t need programmers. Go change your job if you are one. As you can clearly see, the entire world is running on high technology. We don’t need bright minds like you innovating our world.

According to Moore’s Law, the power of computers 2x every 2 years. We don’t need more programmer jobs. Companies are not begging for more programmers to innovate and create more jobs for their companies. You are the least important to the success of the companies. You don’t need to learn how to automate the business. You don’t need to automate the companies that will make them earn more money.

Of course, I am being sarcastic.

We need more programmers more than ever! Now is the perfect time!

The web industry is booming again, but this time mixing it up between sales and marketing.

We need bright programmers like you who are capable of flipping the world.

Join a team.

Two minds are better than one.

Make friends.

Join projects that you believe in.

Enjoy your job — have fun!

You’re changing the world!

And change the world with all your friends and team!

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If you need to learn programming, the best resource I can find is freeCodeCamp.org, because that will kickstart your understanding of programming. Maybe ask any programmer friends on what’s the best way to learn?

If you are still alone programming, please join a meetup near you… like this one. Free, smart people, just like you.

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Have a good day!