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What Causes This Issue

The issue can be due to the file being referenced by its file path as not existing.

In this short article, let us call the files as “resources“, as that would be a front-end file, such as an image, video, audio, etc. We will also be on the WordPress platform, so most likely your resource would be located within the wp-content directory.

For example, you might have most of your website files running smoothly. However, very few of your resources are encountering issues.

You will have encountered an error for this addressed as ERR_CONNECTION_RESET.

The Solution to ERR_CONNECTION_RESET for WordPress Sites

There are many cases where you might have found the answer already within the WordPress support forums, as it can sometimes be due to the plugin and that needs resolving.

But if you might be facing the issue with your wp-content/themes resources, then most likely what can be the case is that the file path to the resource is invalid.


So to solve this issue, which by the way can be difficult to debug, is to change your WP_CONTENT_DIR constant within your wp-config.php file. Why? Because the issue can have to do with your ABS_PATH being different to your wp-load.php file.

In most cases this will be okay, however what if your server is using WordPress files located on a different directory, and your wp-content directory is on another area (not with a common parent directory to wp-load.php).

Use this code and adjust accordingly to what is found within your SSH / FTP / SFTP of your wp-content directory.

You can sometimes face this issue, if your redux.io framework is loading invalid resource file paths, hence causing the issue with ERR_CONNECTION_RESET for the resources that it loads:

Hope this helps, and happy debugging!