What’s New in WordPress Web Development 2018?

WordPress web development is looking forward to the future of the web as it adds core features that were once fancy — like JavaScript, and responsiveness as standard.

Now in 2018, we are seeing developers’ empathy for the User Experience!


Web Development in 2018 (in General)

This YouTube video will be very helpful. I highly consider that you have a watch:

Or visit the Diagram of 2018 Technologies that is described in the video.

The video explains the state of web development tech in 2018. It doesn’t mention WordPress, but this will help give you a clear idea on Web Development in 2018.

And now let’s get onto the WordPress side!


Newest Workflows


Mobile-first WordPress theme development in 2018


Mobile-first WordPress theme development as a standard in 2018Click To Tweet

Since Google announced mobile-first indexing earlier in 2018, all of us WordPress theme developers have adapted to mobile-first theme development.

This essentially means to use new frameworks, and new techniques to accomplish mobile-first theme development.

Bootstrap v4 comes with a mobile-first approach.
This framework has also reworked itself from the ground up to be mobile-first and modern.
One of Bootstrap v4’s best features is Flexbox.

Not only this, but Web developers now use their devices during Theme development. It’s called Chrome Remote Debugging.

This ties very nicely in line with the build tools like Gulp from Node.js. So that it is imperative that you use a mobile device during theme development, and check to make sure mobile devices are displayed properly before checking on your desktop.

In line with this, Mobile internet users are ever increasing over 50%, having passed Desktop users.


WordPress theme development uses more JavaScript for UX


Again, it’s a Google thing, as Google indexes websites with JavaScript better than ever.

What this implies is that it is okay to use JavaScript to build webpages, to further enhance the user experience.

But we must still keep into consideration about Website Speed, and User Experience.

That means we must make sure our scripts do not slow down websites, or else it makes the WordPress theme clunky, and effectively creates a bad website. SEO will be negatively affected because Google will notice users click the back button to return to their search results.

Therefore JavaScript in Theme development must be placed in wp_enqueue_script(), so that they will load properly by caching plugins.

JavaScript is now more common for WordPress theme development.Click To Tweet


O.S. Wars: Windows vs Mac vs The Cloud

The O.S. wars never seems to end. But it looks like they are coming to a close as they copy each others’ features, in line with the trend of technology!



Have a look here if you would like to find out more about using Windows for WordPress web development. The article has collected useful features and reasons to use Windows for web development, well… right now.

Windows comes packed with how-to guides, and support for apps/programs normally starts with Windows-compatibility before anything else.

As far as WordPress web development goes for Windows, you can have a look at the development environment app (and completely free), Laragon (get rid of WAMP now!).

And for WordPress-exclusive web development you can have a look at the completely-free development environment app, Local by Flywheel for Windows.



The Mac is still a popular tool for web development (especially since you see them across web development seminars and talks!)

What’s New in WordPress Web Development 2018?

Again, the MacOS is known for its reliability. It is a rare occurrence for something to go wrong with them (usually 1 in every 5 years), but overall you will find its aesthetics beats that of Windows.

But again let’s get out of the O.S. wars and take this to the Cloud!


The Cloud! (new)

Through the popularity of web apps, comes the cloud development environment.

It’s come into fruition due to the fact that OS updates, antics, and quirks become such a hassle that it ultimately distracts us from web development.

Not only that, but you have the ability to collaborate with other web developers on the same environment!

Typically a container is provisioned e.g. a new WordPress app installation, and you can begin building your WordPress theme from there.

There are great cloud development environments.

You can have a look at Amazon Cloud9 and Koding to have a glimpse of this future path of web development environment and IDE all of which are in the cloud.


The Verdict on the O.S. Wars

Now in 2018 it doesn’t really matter what operating system you use.

In fact, you can even work with your WordPress website via the cloud!


Summary of WordPress Development in 2018

WordPress web development is ever closer to the user now in 2018.

We are seeing that UX is an important weighing factor to what new workflows and new techniques WordPress developers now have.

The prominence of JavaScript on the web has led WordPress theme development to including JavaScript to enhance the User Experience. Remember: graceful degradation, and progressive enhancement.

WordPress theme development frameworks include the new Bootstrap 4, which is built with a mobile-first approach and modern workflows like SCSS and Gulp.

This mobile-first approach ties along with tipping of mobile users past the 50% mark of internet users globally, therefore WordPress theme development builds with responsiveness as standard, now with a mobile-first approach.

Web Developers are made agnostic between operating systems, as Windows and Mac battle one another for the same feature, ultimately residing towards a Unix-like infrastructure.

Operating systems are more about utility and user preference than they were about what apps were available.


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