Woocommerce Not Displaying Subcategories

Recently stumbled upon an issue that bamboozled me. This happened to be something that was quite simple (as always with web development), but it’s that debugging through it seemed to be that I reached solution Z before it was resolved.

Whilst perusing the search engines and different forums for example typing into Google for ‘woocommerce_content subcategory’ found that it was not much of a discussed issue. Reason why I wrote this article to make sure that next time I will be able to catch up on this later on (essentially a post mortem turned into a brief article).

The Issue

Woocommerce is not able to display the subcategories in the product_category templates, amongst others. This was specifically from a child theme of the twentysixteen theme.

The Solution

Easily put, you will have to follow 3 simple steps:

  1. delete the file woocommerce.php from your active theme,
  2. activate another theme, and
  3. reactivate your own theme again

That way, you will be able to get your woocommerce loop properly displaying the subcategories in the Shop pages and Product Category templates.

Any issues please let me know!